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Josep Carrion , diffuser and pioneer of this technique since 1998 , gave it the name of Acupuntura Zonal (you can find a dvd and book who is going to be translated this year into english) to the original technique called » Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture » . Since then just look at the entries in Google for «Acupuntura Zonal» , where before there was nothing on it.

This website is aimed at professionals , as prospective students and even the general public : students of Oriental medicine to sick people , concerned about a possible relief from their ailments.

It is characterized by a painless technique ( to be effective should not be painful ) of immediate effects after the puncture , and highly effective in addressing : acute or chronic pain , inflammation , neurological disorders , scarring and even some cases of infection .

The risks are also minimal compared to other techniques , since all the points have been in the wrists and ankles, and punctures are shallow (under the skin ) .

Extremely easy to learn , no need of knowledge in acupuncture or Oriental medicine previously .

«Having trained hundreds of professionals, and performed thousands of treatments, I can confirm that this technique really works » Josep Carrion.

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Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture Headache treatment
Protocol for headache in WAA. Summary of the publications of the last 30 years until now, and the experience of more than 15 years treating patients and feedback from my students.
Protocol Wrist and Ankle Acupuncture headache.pdf (33.72KB)